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I2S Interface
ALC5620 I2S Audio Codec + Voice PCM Interface
ALC5621 I2S Audio Codec + 1.3W Class AB/D Mono Speaker Amplifier
ALC5622 I2S Audio Codec + 1.3W Class AB/D Mono Speaker Amplifier
ALC5623 I2S Audio Codec + Headphone Amplifier
ALC5624 Handheld Multimedia I2S Audio Codec
ALC5626 I2S Audio DAC + Headphone and Stereo Class-AB/D Speaker Amplifier
ALC5627 I2S/PCM Stereo DAC + Multiple Analog Inputs, Headphone, and Mono Class-D Speaker Amplifier
ALC5628 I2S/PCM Audio DAC with Headphone and Mono Class-D Speaker Amplifier
ALC5629 I2S/PCM Audio DAC
ALC5634 I2S Audio DAC + Headphone Amplifier


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HD Audio Codec Driver
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